Katigaman : Quality Research for Quality Education Print

2nd Research Conference (RESCON 2010)Improved National Achievement Test (NAT) result, increased participation rate, and reduced drop-out rate are the continuous desire which gear the educators to quest for quality education. Spearheaded the 2nd DepED research conference, the organizers and Elsie Gagabe, PhD, Education Program Supervisor on Research, produced the first ever compilation of all the research abstracts entitled “KATIGAMAN” which means “knowing” in the Dabawenyo dialect. The research conference featured the research papers of teachers and school heads throughout the Division of Davao City. The event emphasized the importance of sharing research-based practices to improve the delivery of educational services among the learners.

The research outputs showcased the different themes which varied from Pedagogy to Assessment, to Leadership and Management. The whole process of the event promoted the building of stronger relationship among educators who participated during the conference. The participants significantly valued their learning experience for it provided the educators with opportunities to better understand and to improve educational services.
There were 15 teachers and school heads who presented their manuscripts through fora and 43 who displayed their researches through posters. The paper presenters embarked into simultaneous presentation having Education Program Supervisors as panelists. An intellectual discussion transpired to improve research works and suggestions were considered to provide alternatives in approaching educational issues with new ways of examining our own educational practices.
The conference was attended by Helen D. Paguican, Ph.D, Davao City Schools Division Superintendent, Education Program Supervisors, School Heads and Teachers. Research Directors from San Pedro College, Marleonie Bauyot and Mercelee Perez from Brokenshire College were invited to be the main Reactors during the plenary research presentation by Paul Angga Ed.D.  The activity was conducted last 25, 2010 at CAS building, Davao Doctor’s College, Davao City