Regional DepEd Science and Technology Fair 2010 Print

Science and Technology Fair 2010The Division of Davao City participated in the Regional DepEd Science and Technology Fair 2010 last September 25-26, 2010 at NEAP Region XI, Quirino Avenue, Davao City. The participants to this activity are the top one in Life and Physical Science (Individual and Team Category) both in Cluster 1 and 11 from the different division in Region XI. We are happy to inform you that our division garnered awards in all the eight entries, as follows:

Cluster 1 – Life Science
Individual Category  - 2nd Place – Antibiotic Residual in Albumen and Egg Yolk Components of Chicken (Cornish Rock) Table Eggs.
Project Proponent – Charisse Dawn M Madrazo
                                    Davao City NHS
Research Adviser – Marilyn B. Madrazo, Ed. D.
Team Category – 2nd Place – The Antiseptic Properties of Malungay (Moringa oleifera) Seed Pod Extract Against Staphylococcus Aureus and Staphylococcus Epedermis

Project Proponents – Maria Xandria Kintanar
                                     Aldrick Oropa
                                     Sigrid Nadine Yamit
Project Adviser – Miss Jesel U. Sabay


Individual Category – 1st Place – Negative Ion Formulation as Battery Life Extender

Project Proponent - Grace Lynn V. Daleon
Project Adviser – Mrs. Lorena Alcanzar

Team Category – 1st Place Amelioration of Soil Acidity Using Coffee Wastes

Project Proponents – Joseph Edwards V. Daleon
                                      Disha Ancog
Project Adviser – Mr. Philip Canonigo

Cluster 1 – Life Science

Individual Category – 4th Place – Biochar from Durian (Durio zibethenus) Husk as Fertilizer for the Growth of Pechay

Project Proponent – Gary Bonghanoy
                                    Davao City NHS
Project Adviser – Julius I. Centina

Team Category -  1st Place  - Mining the Sea: Controlling the Growth of Mycosphaerella fenjiensis (Black Sigatoka Fungus) Using Enchalusnacorides (Tape Seagrass) Extract

Project Proponents – Anne Xaviera Go
                                      Loanna Lyn V. Munda
                                      Adriel Vincent Te
                                      PSHS – MC
Project Adviser – Mrs. Rochelle T. Papasin

Cluster 11 – Physical Science

Individual Category – 2nd Place – Dragonfly Winged Design Airfoil : A Promising Rotor Blade for Wind Turbines

Project Proponent – Yawnin Albert M. Leung
                                    Davao City NHS
Project Adviser – Mr. Julius I. Centina

Team Category – 4th Place – Academic Performance Calculation and Information System (APCIS) for Philippine Science High School

Project Proponents – Anbgelo Nikko B. Catapang
                                     Reynard B. Divinagracia
                                     Gerico A. Sy.
                                     PSHS – MC
Project Adviser – Mrs. Suzanne G. Mendoza