Principals Enhancement Program Print

Empowering the School Heads
“Empowering the School Heads: Realizing their full potential, a Tool to an Effective Educational Management and Leadership” was the theme that animated the 3-day enhancement seminar-workshop  held in 3 batches for Principals Enhancement Programschool heads who served 5 years and below.  Relevant pressures and thrill were generated from the participants as they underwent the process of celebrating their individual giftedness in the AGTA (Administrators Got Talent) contest, shared their particular skills in their portrayal of resolving conflicts, and showcased their artistic ingenuity and literary abilities in their individual portfolios. The Principals’ Enhancement Program had indeed challenged the school heads in the holistic point of view.
Undoubtedly, Maria Antonia P. Diaz being the program proponent had successfully manifested the program’s importance and timely assistance to the school heads. The unconditional support and encouraging presence of Dr. Helen D. Paguican, Dr. Ma. Ines  Asuncion, Eva M. Antipuesto, Erlinda  Flores plus the dedication of the members of the TWG headed by Dr. Elsie E. Gagabe and Melanie P. Estacio made the program very significant and productive. This was further graced with the presence of  Fr. Danny Montaña, Mr. Rene Lizada and Belle L. Torres as  resource speakers. The PEP was held at Loleng’ Mountain Resort, Eden Bayabas, Toril, Davao City last May 17 – 28, 2011.

Some Thoughts worth sharing from the participants……
“As a leader we should learn to give compliments rather than complaints.”
“I was moved by the remark of a writer that says , Conflict is inevitable; but Combat is optional.”
“A leader uses his heart as well as his/her head.  He is not only a boss- he is also a friend.”
“This seminar give me an opportunity to process myself and capitalize on my potentials.”
“A leader has faith in his/her people.  He/she believes in them, trusts them, and thus draws out the best in them.”